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Diplomas are only available from the school at the time of graduation. Copies of the diplomas are not retained by the school district. Please refer to Albuquerque Public Schools Policy and Procedural Directives. A high school transcript is the only officially recognized record of high school coursework and graduation.

Employee Records:

Please contact Human Resources Department at (505) 880-3700. If you have specific questions please refer to the Human Resources Staff Directory for appropriate personnel.

Immunization Records:

For current students or students that have been out of APS less than 2 years: contact the Health Office at the last school attended. Contact information for schools is located on the APS School Directory


  • For current students or students that have been out of APS less than 2 years: Contact the APS registrar at the high school last attended for an unofficial transcript.
  • For students that have been out of APS more than 2 years: Official and Unofficial high school transcripts for APS graduates may be obtained online through the Parchment transcript service. Reviewing Parchment Instructions is helpful, especially for transcript requests of students last attending APS High Schools more than five years ago.
  • Students who graduated or attended an APS high school more than five years ago will need to add “District Imaging and Archive Center” to the list of schools attended because the transcript will be located at the APS Archive Center.

If you need more assistance, contact information for schools is located on the APS School Directory. For further assistance with Parchment, you can contact the APS District Imaging and Archive Center (505) 842-3696.

Special Education Records:

  • For personal use: contact the student’s current school or if they have been out of APS less than 2 years, the last school attended for a copy of most current IEP.
  • Or you may contact the APS Special Education Records Department for more information.

Student Records:

  • For personal use of students that are currently attending APS or have been out of APS less than 2 years: Contact the APS registrar at the school you last attended for an unofficial student records.
  • For student records to go to a new school: The new school should contact the last APS School the student attended directly for a formal school-to-school transfer of student records.

Student records are destroyed based on the following Retention and Disposition Schedule:

  • High School Transcripts (shows date of birth, date of entrance, courses taken, grades received, and degrees granted) - Available for 90 years after graduation
  • Student health records and immunizations - Available for 10 years from date of student's last attendance
  • Special Education Records - After completion of special services, but not sooner than 5 years after completion of activities funded 
  • Other student records, including registration record, screening evaluation, counselor notes, correspondence, and program participation - Available for 2 years after last attendance
  • School census records, Student’s attendance/absence record, Student accident and illness – Available for one year after the end of the school year.
  • Student Discipline - Records that show action taken for disciplinary measures - 5 years after last entry, or 2 years after last attendance

APS Dashboard:

A community resource that can provide visualizations of the following information.

  1. Enrollment and Demographics
  2. Academic Performance
  3. Parent and Student Engagement
  4. College Readiness
  5. A Celebration of Diversity
  6. ACCESS Proficiency Rates
  7. APS Atlas
  8. APS District Profile 2020-2021
  9. APS High-Speed WAN/Internet Upgrade
  10. APS Number of Grab & Go Meals Served
  11. Celebration of Diversity
  12. Chronic Absenteeism
  13. Extended Learning Survey (Spring 2019)
  14. Extending Learning Time Survey (Spring 2019)
  15. Family Engagement Survey (Spring 2021)
  16. Family Engagement Survey (2017-2018)
  17. Gifted Program Enrollment and Demographics
  18. Home Internet Access
  19. National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
  20. NM School District Instructional Spending
  21. NMPED Historical School Grades
  22. NMPED Programs in APS Schools (2021-2022)
  23. PSAT/NMSQT October Grade 10 Results
  24. Remote Learning Surveys
  25. SBA Science Proficiency Rates
  26. School Reopening Parent Survey
  27. Staff Demographics and Experience
  28. Staff Stability (Mobility)
  29. Student Stability (Mobility)
  30. Student Suspensions and Infractions
  31. Title I Program Information
  32. Quality of Education and Family Engagement Survey
  33. Quality of Education Survey (2017-2018)